The Regulation of Izmir Democracy University Balkan Studies Application and Research Center entered into force after being published in the “Resmi Gazete” (official newspaper) dated 16.12.2019 and numbered 30980.

Balkan Studies Application and Research Center’s mission and vision is as below:


Balkan Studies Application and Research Center aim at making better relationships among Turkey and Balkan countries, To conduct research on the balkan countries and their surroundings in the fields of history, geography, sociology, folk culture, translation, language and literatüre ,to demonstrate outcome of these researchs by publishing printed and electronic media, to hold national and international congress, symposium, conference and panel,to preserve and develop accumulation of knowledge in our country by cooperating with instituion, constitution and people that is concerning Balkans in domestic and abroad.


Our vision is to develop Izmir Democracy University in view of Balkan relations. Balkan Studies Application and Research Center aim to develop relations with scientific institution, scientists and non governmental organization in Balkan countries by doing scientific research, thesis, project master and doctorate study, to provide a source of information to the state for policies towards the Balkan states.